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“Children will learn to listen to languages in nature, co-exist with wildlife, & appreciate the beauty of our natural world.”

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~ Child-Inspired Free Play Outdoors in Nature Every Day ~

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Children’s STEM Garden, LLC, is to immerse children in a safe, Natural environment, where they can actively Explore, Imagine, Create, & Thrive through Hands-on, Child-led play in Nature, Outdoors for Hours  Every Day.  The Natural Spaces & Small, Multi-Age group engage children in Problem-Solving & Cooperative Interactions, & embrace Your Child’s Curiosities through Real-World, Experiential Opportunities. 

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About Us

Children’s STEM Garden, LLC, is the only local In-Home Nature Pre-K Program of its kind, within a Full-Day Family Daycare.

Fully licensed & insured 

Ages 3-5

Year-Round, Full-Day (7AM - 5PM)  &  Half-Day (7:30AM - 1:00PM) Programs

Healthy meals and snacks are included.

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                     Hands-On, Child-Led Explorations & Projects

emerge through FREE PLAY & seasonal changes.

Developmentally Appropriate learning of

Independence & Social Skills


Multi-Age Relationships

Early Literacy


Creative Arts


                                                    Wellness & Core Strength 

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Our Imaginations Build Our Space & Direct Our Learning!  We use our Owl Eyes, Deer Ears, & gentle Butterfly Fingers to focus our Senses on Nature AwarenessOur large, fenced-in outdoor PLAYSCAPE inspires Free Exploration in our huge Sandy Pit, Muddy Kitchen with Lazy Creek, Dolo-Mitey Gem Quarry, Clubhouse, Fairy Garden, Parmelee Pines Flower Shop, and Wood & Log Loose Parts.   We take care of many Gardens, including vegetables, herbs, & native plants.  We have installed several Rain Gardens (our biggest challenge!), & we built & seeded our own BUMPY HILL, complete with a slide & stone paths!  We actively collaborate with local agencies to make our space as Environmentally Sustainable as possible.  Soon to come: a Leaping Log Pad built by local Engineering students! 

In addition, Walking Field Trips, help us follow Maps & Trail Markers, through Green Spaces & Wooded Community Trails, to our Willow Tree & nearby Park & Hills, where we Run, Roll, Climb, & Balance.  Dandelions, Rocks, Dirt, Mud, Sand, Rain Water, Pinecones, Sticks, & fallen Leaves are our favorite toys!  

Social problem-solving lays a foundation for our interactions & relationships, to build independence, perseverance & patience within our multi-age group.

And when it comes to learning new skills & ideas: “If we don’t know how, we’ll figure it out!”


“I am Marne Parmelee, NYS-Certified  (N-6) teacher with 23 years full-time (4 years pt) experience teaching early childhood in local districts.  I created 

Children’s STEM Garden, LLC, as a unique, in-home licensed Family Daycare, to provide high-quality, Nature play opportunities in a space where children's Sensory Expressions can unfold in their own languages: sing, sculpt, draw, write, act out, dance, experiment, build, revise, negotiate, etc.

By immersing fully within their play space, I can encourage & support children to share ideas, question, explore, symbolize, problem solve, &

create in unique ways, while developing Independence &  meaningful Social Relationships.

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