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“Children will learn to listen to languages in nature, through active, hands-on explorations & appreciate the beauty of our natural world.”

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~ We play & learn outdoors everyday ~

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to immerse children ages 3-5 in a safe, Outdoor Environment, where they can actively Explore, Imagine, Create, & Thrive through Active, Hands-on Play & Child-Led Learning.  The Natural Spaces & Small, Multi-Age group engage children in Problem-Solving & Cooperative Social Interactions, & embrace their Curiosities, Senses, & Skills.

Foundations for Literacy, STEM, & other content areas occur naturally in our

Hands-On Explorations.  Children become resilient, self-reliant,

confident to try, make mistakes, & persevere to try again!

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About Us

Children’s STEM Garden, LLC, is a multi-age Forest School Program 

6 Children Max Per Group; Ages 3.5-5

Please contact us for a private tour & references!

We comply with NYS OCFS regulations & CDC/DOH guidelines for health & safety.

We play outdoors in all weather conditions & carefully follow NY Temperature & Windchill charts for safe exposure.  When conditions are extreme, we will come indoors for breaks until it is safe to go back outdoors.

Families are expected to follow guidance for dressing children appropriately each day.

Please contact us for more details regarding how we provide a nurturing space for your child to play & learn.

Our facility is fully insured.

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                       Hands-On, Child-Led Explorations & Projects

emerge through children's curiosities & inquiries

about our natural, wild world.

We strive to cultivate

Independence & Social Skills

Multi-Age Relationships & Ethics

Fairness & Respect

Creative Thinking & Doing

 Wellness & Core Strength

 Developmentally Appropriate learning of:

Early Literacy, Numeracy, & Science

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Spaces &  Learning are based on children's curiosities & motivation!  Our large, fenced-in outdoor PLAYSCAPE inspires Free Exploration & Sensory Experiences in our huge Sandy Pit, Muddy Kitchen, Gem Rock Box, Crate Construction, Fairy Garden.  Gross Motor activity is critical to children's brain development, & there is plenty of space for Running & Active Play!  Gardens include vegetables, herbs, & growing sustainable grass.  We collect rain & dig through snow!

Walking Field Trips take us through adjacent community green spaces, along nature trails, to Harris Whalen Park.  We enjoy the journey, & along the way we play among the trees, run & roll down expansive hills, & explore the wild, wooded landscapes.   These journeys help us to develop body/space awareness, self regulation, & fine/gross motor skills.

Social Problem-Solving lays a foundation for our interactions & relationships, to build independence, perseverance, & mindful awareness within our multi-age group.   Children are supported & guided to develop confidence, empathy, patience, resilience, self-reliance, & problem-solving skills.

Cognitive Development occurs continually!   Hands-on, child-led play is our work & the most developmentally appropriate way for kids to learn!  Decades of research prove that unstructured play with open-ended materials is the most successful way to develop brain connections for lifelong learning.  This includes unlimited time for creating, building, role-playing, & experiencing outcomes & changes, to foster holistic development. 

Early Kindergarten: a new group that grew from our older 4/5s, explores early literacy, numeracy, & topics of interest through inquiry-based, experiential learning opportunities.  Topics are based on children's interests  & have included weather, time, honeybees, infinity, & wet chalk!  Appropriate for prekindergarten children motivated to support & challenge each other through team work, as they build interpersonal skills, like communication, cooperation, & negotiation.


“I am Marne Parmelee, NYS-Certified  (N-6) teacher with 30 years full-time (4 years pt) experience teaching Prek, Kindergarten, & 1st Grade.  In 2018, I created Children’s STEM Garden, LLC, as a unique licensed forest school, to provide high-quality, Nature Play opportunities in a space where children's Brain & Body Development & Sensory Expressions can unfold: sing, sculpt, draw, write, act out, dance, experiment, build, revise, negotiate, etc.

 I encourage & support children to share ideas, question, explore, symbolize, problem solve, & create in unique ways, while developing Independence & meaningful, cooperative  Social Relationships.

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